Contract Drilling Services

Contract Rock Drilling

NQS Drilling & Blasting provides specialized drilling services utilizing many specialized drill Rigs including the small hand held drill, track mounted drills, both hydraulic and pneumatic.

NQS provides the proper drills for a specific job. We are experienced operators in blast hole both top hammer and down the hole, rock bolts and anchors, overburden drilling, geotechnical drilling, holes for grouting & Line drilling.

Drilling Services
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James Shultz,
VP of Construction

NQS boast a large drill fleet, with additional resources available from our ownership partners. Having more equipment allows us to have more drilling capacity to service our customers demand. We can also overcome mechanical break-downs easier.

NQS has a much larger support staff than any competitor in our Region. This allows our field employees to focus on there daily work, planning and scheduling are managed by regional production managers. Managers plan their work, make transport arrangements, arrange consumable supplies delivery.

NQS employs We are fully self sufficient in regards all aspects of maintenance and repairs. This allows NQS to prioritize our repairs and not rely on an outside vendor who has other customers to service.

NQS prides itself in our employees. We feel our drill operators, blasters and mechanics receive as good or better training than anyone in our industry. That is because we are dedicated to improving ourselves to better serve our industry.